the frontside bottom turn is a must now manuever in every surfing style. we use the bottom tuen to pivot up into the lip

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I recommend : writing down notes and if there is anything not understandable you are more then welcome to send us a message.

in this class : i will talk about the a basic of knee rhythm and flow. A MUST KNOW TOPIC that helps every surfer in every style flow on
a wave and generate speed correctly.

i must say it out loud : all of my surf skate exercises are organized to change muscle memory by practicing them repetitively threw a 5 minute period.

Threw the practice period you must think of only one technique note so your brain can understand better.

work progress : i will repeat : you must practice 5 minutes with full focus only one course and only one tip

Minimum time : In order to see progress your body needs at least 30 minutes of practice for each tip

My recommendation : Practice 1 course per day with 3 different tips in segments of 5 minutes

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The rhythm
Omer Shoval